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Hi, it's the first time I've ever grown Dahlias and I have been lucky to have some  beautiful ones ( Arabian night) which are in full bloom. If I cut them for cut flowers will I get more flowers from the plant ? 



I think so Lili - its certainly what I am doing.  Everyone says they must be deadheaded to keep them flowering.  My way is just "live-heading"


Like sweet peas.. the more you pick, the more you get.

Thanks both, appreciated 

Beaus Mum

Hey lili2 when will we get to see them  Sound lovely


Hi im not too sure how to attach photo? I'm using iPad so can take photo but not sure how to attach and send..........???


There is a little icon that looks like a tree - just to the right of the one you use to insert a smilie - click on that and follow the instructions to upload an existing picture from your iPad.....


Thats the way   - fantastic flowers there

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