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Do I get the tips almost completely covered?


Hmm...I'm still waiting for mine Supernoodle.Um...*thinking*

I suppose with that recent sharp frost they might be vulnerable to frost damage if left exposed.Perhaps if you laid some newspaper over them at night,that should protect them.

Leave them come through super, cover them and they may rot off, if they're out fleece them if frost is forecast.

Ooooo, I top dress/ cover them when growing well.  Prevents tubers drying out I think. Adds a little feed too.  And looks better 


Sorry should have said - they are in pots. (Was a dash in and post when I saw them this afternoon). I read that should only just cover the tubers (so pot is only half full of soil) and then keep topping up with soil as the shoots appear.  So that's what I'm attempting.  Just wasn't sure if I'm supposed to cover them up again or leave the shoot exposed.  Have gone for just showing the tip.  

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