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I planted out my dahlia tubers last weekend and some plants now have faded green / yellowing leaves. Is it still too cold? Should I protect them at night with a cloche or dig them up and put them back in the greenhouse? Any advice welcome!

I think you are correct.  Did you rush into putting,them out without hardening them off. No. Leave them out now....they probably will be ok

If the night temperatures are say about 6 degrees or more......your area will be more than that can put your dahlias and other summer plants outside but they need to be "hardened off".  That means,putting plants outside during the day and bringing them in at night.  You do this for maybe a week,or so then they become "hardened" to outside comditions.

Enjoy your plants Outdoor girl

Thanks for that! I have placed  bottomless pots around them to try & keep off the northerly winds for the next few days. I did harden them off but the wind was not quite so cold!

You could push some canes in and peg fleece to them with clothes pegs to protect them.

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