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I have 7 dahlias in pots currently in flower or just starting to flower. I was thinking of keeping the tubers in the pots when they had gone over, cutting down the growth and leaving the pots to dry out and then put them in the shed until next year.

Is this ok to do? If not what should I do as I don't want to lose them after the first season.


What you propose would work as long as the pots don't freeze.  I aways remove the tubers from the pots so that I can check for vine weevil grubs at the roots, they love dahlias.  I then wrap them up in newspaper and pack them in a cardboard box to store in the shed over winter.  In the spring I repot them in fresh compost.


It is usual to wait until the first frost has collapsed the foliage.  Maybe that was what you meant.  I usually remove most of the soil from the tuber, make sure they are labelled and the stems cut down and and leave them upside down for a little while to dry out a bit before I store them somewhere cool but frost-free.


Welshonion, yes that was what I meant but had brain freeze at the wrong moment Thanks for the advice.

MuddyFork, I hadn't thought of vine weevil. I thought they only went for heucheras. Again thanks for the advice.


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