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Popped into GC and impulsively purchased a couple of dahliettes.  Logic tells me they are pygmy versions of dahlias.  They are everything I don't really like.....dumpy,,shapeless and stunted but the colour is rich yellow. 

Who has grown dahliettes?  Not me before.  My feeling is they are built to be annuals but has anyone grown them reliably as perennials? Do they form tubers? 





Sounds awful Verdun. Were they on the reduced shelf

Yes, you got it in one Nut.  Just a couple of quid. Think they are awful, actually, and they jar anywhere I want to put them.  Think I'll give them away.   Or maybe in a terracotta pot in the shade perhaps!  

Orchid Lady

Oh dear......Verdun wouldn't like me  I'm not yellow though 



Dahliettes Verd?

Sound like they need to go in the toiliette....

Orchid Lady

I've tried googling for some info but just keep getting this page!!! 


OL, google Dahlietta 


Basically a dwarf Dahlia. They do produce tubers but nothing to write home about.


I bought some of these last year, I never buy anything, but these were very cheap, going off in lidls. They didnt grow more than about 9 inches tall, but they did spread and were absolutely covered in flowers, which lasted ages,  they did need dead heading.. I pulled them up in the winter to dump but they are shooting now, maybe they will grow a bit bigger, I am not sure though.

Probably best in a group in a patio pot.

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