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I really want a Daliah, the dinner plate size flower ones. I however will have limited space in my garden when I plant it all up with the plants I am growing. Will one do well in a reasonably large pot. Also are these plants any good and do you recommend a variety. Also when would I plant the tuber? I live in North east England.

If a pot is not suitable would you be able to recommend a particularly slender one.

Thanks for any replys


I grow dahlias in pots but only small ones as they are such hungry plants. I can recommend the Happy series.

To get really good results I start them indoors now and grow them until they are large enough to cope with slugs. They cannot cope with frost.


It will- but bear in mind these will be around 4 feet high so quite top heavy- you don't want it going over in the first bit of wind

You can get tubers now to start undercover-cannot go outside till May at the earliest-not frost hardy

Dahlias are good-plenty of choice of types and colours to suit all tastes


Would I be able to plant the tubers in May or would that be too late as I dont have room to start them off to be honest. I was thinking that regarding the wind however I was going to grow it against my house wall so perhaps i could secure the pot somehow.

Thanks for the replys


In a pot with a bit of protection around mid-April -but the tubers do not like cold and wet.



Thats great ill buy 1 and hope for the best brillant. Thanks for the brilliant advice.

I grow several dahlias in pots. Start them soon and keep them growing vigorously by potting on .2 or 3 times and finally into large pots. Generous feeding and regular dead heading plus regular watering should produce a good show. Choose varieties for vigour too
Bunny ...
D you have any dahlia pics Verdun ? Mine didn't do well last yr in pots, maybe pots wernt big enough or was it our summer .
Bunny dahlias need good early start. In fact today I have potted up some good size tubers into dry compost to moisten gradually as it warms up. Bigger pots will help but I'm not sure poor Summer will spoil dahlias too much. Not sure re pics.....I'll check tho.
Bunny ...
I'm using seeds again (as last yr) , salvaged some tubers from last yr and trying those but doubt they will do anything .

I now always grow my dahlias in big pots. They just dont survive the slimey army in my soil.

Agree, biggest pot with good compost- JI3 type- plus food pellets/regular feeding over the season. Water gel added to the comopst at planting time too stops potential drying out- even in a season such as last yr.

Get supports in place fairly quickly otherwise a strong wind can do damage before you realise.

I dont have too many earwig problems, but do find some varieties are more suceptible to slug attack than others, even in the pots. I use copper tape/strips around the pot/plant stem of those I really wouldnt want to lose.

Mine are now starting off in the house- some on a sill, others in front of the patio windows. Any MP compost fine for that & yes, you'll need to repot a couple of times for the biggest flowered/tallest varieties. J.


Thanks for the advice thats brilliant ive bought a large pot and ill maybe start a tuber off and keep potting on. Ill sneak it in as the wifes moaning about all plants I have around the house. Ill put bamboo canes in for support and I have flexable ties.

Anyone reccomend a dinner plate variety?

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