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After many years on my plant wish list, I finally managed to source and buy the afore mentioned Daphne.  The instructions on the label are as follows:

So what exactly is pinch out lead growing point and what does that achieve?  Also does the 2nd year mean after it has been growing in the garden for 2 whole years or the year after planting? 

I understand that this plant may not be fully hardy up here, so I intend to keep it in a pot so I can over winter it in a cold greenhouse.  What growing medium should I use?  Many thanks in advance.

I wouldn't worry too much about the 'planting and care' instructions ; pinching out the leader shoot this Spring will encourage a more bushy manner of growth , encouraging lateral shoots .

Fairly hardy in the UK (-10 to -12C I think) ; but make sure the pot doesn't freeze solid .

PS  Treat similar to a Rhododendron ; permanently moist and cool at the roots .


Thanks Paul.  I'm wondering now if I should chance it in the side garden.  Although it can be windy Rhoddies, Camellias, Magnolia stellata and an acer thrive.  


I realise you're ''up north'' somewhere, but unless you're halfway  up a mountain, I wouldn't worry too much about hardiness. I'm in East Anglia and have had a couple of severe winters these past few years, and my plant hasn't batted an eyelid.   I keep it pruned to 8 x 5 foot, but it would be 12 x 6 or so, if unpruned.  It's about 8 years old and flowers from Jan-Apr, can start as early as mid Dec in some years.

Snails live among the branches all summer and will eat every leaf if one isn't vigilant, to the point of defoliation.  I remove half a dozen or more, almost every day during the growing season.

Best of luck with yours, pinch out that growing tip in April. I've seen better plants I have to say, about £15 at garden centres, more bushy, but yours will be alright in time.  I grow climbing roses through mine in the summer.



I should add, whatever you do, if you plant it in the garden, make sure you get the right position first time.  Do not ever dig the plant up and move it, as it will likely be killed.  These are difficult plants to move successfully.

That's the most impressive Daphne I have ever seen ?or rather that's actually quite the saddest one. It looks like it has been grown in a tube. I marvel that they have advised you to pinch out the tip which in this case you will need to do in order to encourage the side shoots to develop. I would not wait till year 2 I would do this at the beginning of spring this year otherwise it will continue upwards with very little sideways. Its also quite a slow growing small bush so even more necessity in  doing this.


Thank you Marlorena, yes not the greatest of specimens (yet, I hope) all the ones on sale were identical to this and the GC I bought it from is a good one, so I am hoping it becomes a lovely specimen in time, like yours is.

batwood14 - it is an odd looking 'twig' and to be honest, I was really none the wiser when I bought it just how it should look since I have only ever seen 2 mature ones.  It is labelled from Hilliers Nursery, sold locally and a reputable place.  I also wondered if perhaps  it has been grafted or would the lower growth be older growth? 

Please, can either of you explain just how I pinch out the tip?  I've only ever pinched out bedding before.   Thanks again.

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In about April time, when it starts to actively grow again, just get a scissors and snip off the top of the plant just below where those two leaves are coming out either side, which will be just above the next bud which is forming below those leaves.   it's the work of a second or two.

To be honest, this isn't really crucial as in my experience the shrub will eventually bush out of its own accord,but if you do this in Spring, by summer time it'll look a whole lot better, hopefully.  More shrubby.

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