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I grew this from seed as Daphne acutiloba. It's in its third year and needed planting out. I went to the internet to see what it would like. First thing I read is 'not hardy'. It's been outside for 2 winters now. Then 'is often mistaken for D. longilobata, that seems to be quite a tall one. Does anyone know their daphnes well enough to say which this is? It's evergreen and has put on quite a bit of growth this season so not a slow grower. Daphne tangutica at the same age is much smaller.

I know it's not; tangutica, odora, bhuloa, or Eternal Fragrance. They're the only ones I'm familiar with. Still rather a lot to choose from

It wasn't buy one get one free  


I don't always trust the "not hardy"  I have had hardy gerberas that are anything but.

I grew Acnistus australis which was supposed to be tender but survived  5 years until the _15c frost we had.  One of its offspring had started growing against the house wall. It survived.  Hardy Eucalyptus gunnii all succumbed around here. My Eucalyptus perriniana which is not supposed to be  as hardy survived.

 You won't know until it flowers.


Thanks fb, Might not be too long a wait. Just about everything you can see is this year's growth


I lost my daphne bholua, but I found a seedling 6ft away.  I havn't moved it because every time I have tried to transplant one before, it has died. I might have to move the path, since it is 6 inch away, and the last bush grew to 6ft and a 2ft width


That's a wonderful plant, I tried but didn't please it. Friends have a magnificent one i can go and sniff.



The first one I had was grafted. It grew to 6ft and then the graft failed. The second one was on its own roots. That went in the -15c frost, along with a 20 yr old huge phormium. The phormium rootstock survived and is sending up new shoots, but its going to be a long time before its back to its former glory.

In full bloom, Daphne Bholua  looks like a giant hyacinth, and scents the entire garden. Actually the seedling i've got doesn't look that dissimilar to yours.


RHS describes Daphne Bholua Jacqueline Postill as borderline hardy. I would say it ok to -10c


...I've got Jacqueline Postill, it's about 5 or 6 foot tall but doesn't flower much...I think I had maybe 5 flowers this Spring.. I've had it 3 years... survived the winters unscathed and I'm in East Anglia... it's growing madly at the moment so I hope to get more flowers this winter otherwise I shall be very disappointed.... I had one on the south coast and it was in full flower in January....

...if anyone is tempted to buy the variety called 'Eternal Fragrance'...  [I paid about £35...]... be warned... to get the scent you have to stick your nose into it... I don't get much from just 'passing by' to speak...

'Odora' is supposed to be nice...


odora has a wonderful scent but that died on me. The friends with the wonderful bhuloa have a very sheltered town garden and odora does well there too.

Eternal fragrance isn't much to get excited about I agree Salino. Glad I didn't pay much, £5 or so, it was very small. Much prefer tangutica for scent and making red berries and fertile seeds. EF doesn't look 'lively' though it flowers well enough, just dull looking.

Eternal fragrance, for me, is highly scented.and it will flower during the summer when the others are asleep as it did last year.Having said all that, mine currently has no flowers.  


Mmm, I'm having a think about finding space for a daphne - 


No flowers on mine at present either Verdum.

Tangutica is very reliable summer flowerer Dove. The winter ones are fantastic but don't last for me

Hi all...very interesting Daphne chat....sorry Nutcutlet, can't help as know nothing bout Daphne (and most other gardening matters) but thought you might help me identify this which I inherited from my sister who doesn't know which one it is...sorry its a sideways pic..a bit new at all of this!! Just looking at it this am and notice that there are no signs of flowers....only planted it out recently and was hoping it might loose its unhealthy yellowy hue...not even sure what colour the leaves should be...would be very glad of any ideas!


 This has grown a lot over the last year, has white flowers is rather lanky and for a daphne is surprisingly lacking scent. I can't smell anything.

Does it ring any bells now.

I might send it to Emma tomorrow but it's notmuch of a photo is it


I've come to the conclusion that this is D,acutiloba as advertised. There's more references on the web now and only one says it's not hardy and I think that site has been translated from another  language and may be suspect. It comes from thousands of feet up a mountain, it must be hardy.

The flowers and shape are right. It's a bit short of scent but I'll see what next year brings. It's a fast grower for a daphne


the foliage looks like my jims pride which does pretty well for me-it defoliates every winter then blooms on bare wood. my carol mackie is 10 ft across by 4 high and is powerfully scented just at dusk on cool evenings.


Hi David, this one is evergreen in the coldest winters and flowers in summer.. I don't think it's going to be a top class garden plants, it's too leggy. Though everything has grown enormously here over the last year and future years might see it thicken up 

I have had Jacquline postill in a pot for the past 3/4 years and it is currently about 1500mm tall and with the pot placed in a semi sheltered position it has done well. Currently in flower and quite impressive but I am moving house and it is time for the plant to be planted out. If I break the pot to avoid root disturbance can anyone advise me on what soil prep I should do prior to planting out. I am happy to do the deed anytime from now -  mid feb - onwards. Help will be appreciated Ricardo

Only yesterday I have planted a Daphne in the front garden. I bought it half price from the garden centre. The thing that attracted me to it was the scent. I walked past the aisle and smelt the fragrance. So I've bought it and popped it in the front hoping people can smell the fragrance when they walk past. I forget the name but I will look on the label. 

daphne is high on my wishlist, let us know which youy got jazdean, i want a small one for fragrance, we have tiny gardens, i thought i wanted 'eternal fragrance' interested o read what you thought, nut