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I am disappointed in my day lillies this year  .most plant's have not had a flower and the others have only had the odd one .Is this something else I can blame on the cold August?


in North Devon, mine have been fine



Mine had the best flowers ever since I've had them in the garden, but they had finished flowering by the end of July. 


cold snap in the last few weeks perhaps has taken its toll, However, I'm not disappointed in the performance this year of my  20 odd varieties .


Mine were new in this year and yes, I must admit that they were a little like a damp squid.  Plenty of promise but then fizzled out to maybe 4 flowers.  I assumed it was because they were new and they would be better next year.


Beaus Mum

Funny you asked as had mine in about 3 or 4 years and normally ok but this year just leaves that have gone yellow and will get binned when I get to that flower bed in the autumn clear out!


Mine didn't do too badly but I'm bored with most of them. Some will go for next year.

Orchid Lady

I only have one variety (and not sure what it is) but they have been lovely, seemed to flower for ages and have only just finished this week, the leaves are now going yellow.

Im splitting mine, I think I need to do it in the spring?


You need to split them every 4 years,or they wont flower, I think its ok to do it now, I do, just separate them up and cut the green leaves (or yellow!) Down to a few inches, they will flower next year.

We are always 3 weeks behind most peoples gardens here so mine are still flowering but I only have the pale orange ones.

Orchid Lady

Thanks Lyn, better get mine split then or I won't have any flowers next year a it has been in 4 years  I'll do it in a couple of weeks, just let the last few flowers finish.

I have grown day lilies in shade and poor soil above chalk in France near Paris and in heavy clay in full sun in East Anglia for nearly 20 years each time without splitting them and they have just kept on flowering, thriving on neglect.

i have now planted a 15m 'river' of mixed varieties along the top of a bank, with crocus tommasinus, anaemony blanda, and mostly species tulips to prevent the weeds from the wild, lower side of the bank from intruding onto the higher garden side. It is 3 years old now and works very well. The first year only the yellow fragrant hemerocallis flowered from late summer until the first frosts. Last year, the yellow ones flowered in the spring, followed by the red ones (approx 60 cm high). Which continued all summer. This year the yellow ones flowered in spring, (with a few flowering again now!) and the red ones have just finished and have lots of swollen seed pods. I shall be taking out some of the red ones and replacing them with lighter colours for more impact.

The tulips other than the species are bulbs that had previously been in pots. Not only have they flowered in this border, but the flowers have increased since they were planted there!

Hi nut ,some of yours are coming out are they ,do you ant to do a soap for something or some seeds etc?


That'll be a swap then gran? They won't need washing

There's a large flowered yellow one that might be  Mary Barnard or something like that, a lightish pink and a bright orange with a kind of extra bit stuck in the top, 

You're welcome. Some time in the early winter I should think

HECK THIS KINDLE !!!!!!! it's done it again  , shall have to get the laptop out.  Before they put me out with the rubbish  or start wearing me specs.  

Anyway what it should have read and what I'm asking is nut if your thinning out do you want to do a swap for something your wanting  ( plant or seed ) ? If I have it. 

At the moment I'm collecting seed for the cottage garden and hardy plant society and now this forums seed swap if  I can. I grow as many different plants that I can for the seed swaps .


Hi Gran, I'm having a big collection as well, very lax at sending to HPS though I've been a member for donkey's years and get seed from the list. Must do better. I think all mine went on this forum last year with a few to a local garden group.

PM me your address


Thanks nut, how do you want to work it with the postage?  Also  have I to pm you with my list of seeds ?  Built this will be next week as. Grandkids are here for a sleepover till Monday.

I know from sending to the cottage gdn s that I can send you roughly  8 lots of seed for well under £2.


We'll have  conference next week Gran. My Hermes is much cheaper than the post office

I m  a bit ignorant living here in the back of beyond,  but what is Hermes ?


Delivery service/courier thingy Gran 

A girl at work got very excited one day when she got (yet another) delivery and it was from Hermes. She thought it was from the French fashion company, and her husband had bought her something...


I have heard that Hermes is cheaper than Royal Mail, but is it easy to use?