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I grow a few varieties of day lily.  Hyperion is an old scented yellow that I do like but generally they are clumsy looking plants and lack class.  (stir, stir stir)    I have some other lovely flower colours but,  simply to acquire them, may purchase a couple of double varieties.  For me they get huge within 2 or 3 years and would not plant these in 3s.  I tend to tuck them away a little so the flowers can be enjoyed but the foliage obscured. Unless dead headed almost daily they also look tired and, there are better plants..............discuss!

Hi .Verdun. Well of course there has always been and always will be better plants to plant in our gardens but its all a matter of personal  likings and choice - not a lot different to clothing really is it?. We all wear what we like and to heck with fashion (certainly in my case) and I  also  apply this principle to plants - one persons meat etc etc etc.     I personally love any sword like foliage as a contrast to rounder and fluffier with the old Antholiza we talked of recently - looks a treat to me but heres a confession - I will admit to all I am very much what I would call  "old school"  in my gardening preferences as indeed I am in so many things - I ask you to bear with me - above all though I ain't "stoopit".

 Patty2. Wow thats some colour on your Daylily -  again if you like it well goodho - must say though that is a very apprpropriate name for it  - Pardon Me  -  Gor Blimey i think would be equally suitable. Have fun. Best wishes and nice to natter.

Hey keen, I am always attracting comments  on,my sartorial style.....I say shirt tails hanging out is classy and worn out trousers and shoes is ." the way I like it"

Yes like sword shaped folkage too keen but day lilies lack it!!   Always enjoy bit of banter with you!  Oops. Got visitors I can argue with now.....ha ha 

Hi Verdun. So you are another scruffy ...  in the garden then . gardening is all about relaxing for sure and that includes clothing.  As for the Daylilys foliage ain't what I said - I meant bent swords - ahem.

Hi Matty2. An aplogy. When I just commented on your Daylily I used the name Patty2. Sorry about that - it was the turning the page i think that did it.  Regards.


Hiya keen. Yep a scruffy I am.  My car is a tip, my clothes are never co-ordInated, and tools are just thrown onto the garage bench.  But, my garden is tidy...ish.  Odd isn't it?


Verd - your cloak's always neat and tidy though love...

Daylilies...not really for me. Pretenders to the crown of 'real' Lilies - Longiflorums in particular 

Hi Fairygirl. To each our own choices . Tell you what though  -  they are not troubled by that beetle or much else as i recall. Wish you could wave your wand and get rid of those on my containerised Lily's..

Must agree, day lilies are robust. Pest free and disease free.  I have a nice Pink variety too. I mentioned before,.....the variegated Golden Zebra is a lovely plant.

Hi Verdun. I will take you up on that and order plants.. Now tell me please -  when walking down the road the other day I passed a nearby garden which is a little better than the norm in terms of plants in it   -  nowt  overly exciting but over the wall was  a Daylily which was rather striking in itself.  A description best  I can  -  within the flowers alternate deep maroon stripes with alternate quite bright yellow - since you have said it it does indeed look a little Zebra like. Can this be it?.

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