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Pic of double flowered version in flower now - I have always known it as Kwanso Flore Pleno. Also a "p




ink" one.

Afternoon keen

They look great.  How do the plants look in the garden?  Foliage wise?  Lomg flowering?  How do you rate  them compared to single day lilies ?   I did consider do le day lilies couple years back but may now re-consider. 

I grow a variegated day lily..golden zebra and I love it.  Clean, eye catching foliage and the orange flowers currently are very nice


I have a similar one. Don't know the name as I was given a plant without a label. It seems to behave in just the same way as singles do. 

Not seen a variegated one. Can you post a picture, please?


Hi. Ref double flowers generally.. Taking it all round I prefer the simplicity of singles in whatever plants but at the same time have that interest in anything a little "different" and out of the ordinary as is this Daylily, accordingly if there happens to be a double available I like to go for them. I have very nice double Geraniums, Campanulas, Filipendulas etc alongside the singles. My interest in plants over all the years has really been/still is inexhaustible and everything is of interest. Ref this Daylily another of my (boring) little stories is attached here. I stated in earlier posts that I was/still am a great one for hunting up plants from small ads etc but I cannot honestly remember how I came by this. It may well be from one of those two liner ads but I have a sneaking feeling this just "appeared" on a single flowered plant as a sport and that I "woolled" it, detached that section next Spring, grew it on  and it has stayed double ever since happily. Ref that word sport well so many lovely different versions of so many lovely plants have appeared in this way so its well possible. As for the plant itself foliagewise it is yer typical robust Daylily and looks really good - I will take a pic tomorrow and send. The pics really do not do it justice having "brightened" it up to much. I did have a variegated Daylily at last address but it had to be left behind.


congratulations that looks fantastic !

Patsy, yes I'll try and post a picture of it tomorrow along with some of my agastaches.  

Hi all. Good to se the interest. I have just a few more comments hopefully of interest to make ref these plants. First though I will send a better pic of the pink one I sent yesterday - its called Pink Charm.


Hi again. Next a pic of each of the two plants I have of this double. First is against a North facing fence thus is mostly ( though not heavily) shaded. This produces  smaller flowers but more of them. The other one is growing in full sun but was moved as recently as late May this year to prevent its destruction by Deer, this along with several other plants, Hostas etc.Seems this has fewer flowers but they are bigger thus possibly that is is it. They do for me grow well in sun or shade but the differences are as noted above.



Hi. Just a further comment or two. Firstly as previously stated my gardening experience such as it  is goes back to mid 1950's and then there was not the wonderful additions to the Day Lily family that have appeared over these later years. I knew just three then and for ages after as it happens, Hem. Fulva, Hem. Flava and Hem. aurantiaca major plus this double once it "appeared"-   its history I am not sure of at all - a lovely plant though. Many many more now and I noted in Mrs. Chattos catalogue for 2008 she lists thirty three, all except three are the named varieties - bet theres a lot more now. Hostas are the same, all those years ago just the types and none of these beauts seen everywhere now - happily I have most of the older ones including such as undulata medio variegata - crispula -  sieboldii and elegans, albo picta. elata and several of the fortuneiis. Please excuse any little innacuracies - I am not consulting books - its off the top of my head from memory.

Nuff said but please lets keep it ref its title - Day Lilys. Let other plants have their own Topic.

Hi. Could not resist sending a further pic showing three flowers out together.



..I think, as with most perennials, we should try and plant these in groups of at least 3... 7 would be better, but not many of us are prepared to make this sort of space.. otherwise our gardens can look a bit.. bitty..and fussy.. I think we tend to be plant collectors rather than calculated designers... do you agree? that when we go to buy plants we tend to get one of this, one of that, and one of something else, instead of 3 of the same and forget the others...?  very difficult to do that...I find...

...probably had this discussion before but I like this old favourite, from the 1950's I think... 'Crimson Pirate'... what I like are the recurved petals and gaps between... star like...also the colour for me.. needs to be on the red/mahogany side....I also don't object to colour clashes at this time of year, although best viewed when the sun goes down I feel....


Pennine Petal

I agree Salino, my garden is tiny and I want variety, if I had 3 of everything wouldn't get much in. I prefer the random cottage garden look for my garden, I do live ina cottage, so it is more appropriate. 

Love those lillies by the way. Habe to grow mine in a pot as lots of slugs Nd snails.



...that's the look I enjoy too... cottagey...and with lots going on...a bit of command and control.. to use military terms.. doesn't go amiss here and there...

Pennine Petal

Can't say I have a lot of control, it is a steep hillside garden, so difficult in some places, just put shrubs and geraniums in and let them take over. Others area have a little more control sometimes! 

 Hi Salino.  Nice to see you again. The Daylily family has some really nice plants - the much more so since in these later years theres so many named varieties been produced - am I correct in thinking in America mainly?.    That of yours is a lovely dark colour.   I am afraid that ref the groups of the same I have never ever been able to follow that idea good (and correct I think) though it is.   In any garden I have had space has always been at a premium and I do so love to collect variety.   Having said that I do where possible plant closely as in a wide bed  -  my problem being where I am now  I only have one such and that is in full sun all day ( I have taken steps to provide shade but have to wait for this). The  only shade I have in is a narrow border along a North facing fence and that strip in the grass where the double Daylily grows was a hasty effort in May to rescue plants from Deer. Above all I also go where possible for the cottage look and to use another (non military) expression a nice "orderly disorderliness"..


...thank you... yes these are so popular in America... daylily country...some garish colours produced that don't always appeal to me...

...they seem able to withstand very cold winters and boiling hot dry summers, which makes them popular in the mid-West - and the Great area I have an interest in...

I don't think you can get a white one though...can you..?


I have a day lily just like that Keen. A big clump in a shribbery. Also put some in my front border but it clashes so yesterday I bought this one to replace it. Love this colour and it is only supposed to grow tp 45cm

 It's caled 'Pardon Me'