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I was going to buy a red dead nettle to plant as ground cover in a shady corner. Just wondered if there is any reason why I shouldn't just transplant some of the wild dead nettle that is growing in  the street outside? To be clear I'm not talking about digging up wildflowers from a park/countryside, just from cracks in the pavement where the council will weedkiller them anyway. Are there any reasons why this wouldn't be a good idea?


Hi tulip. The red dead nettles in the street will be the wild ones, they are annuals and not really ground coverers. White dead nettle is good for that. Both are good for early bees


That's a nice one. 

That's great - thanks v much. I didn't think about the annual/perennial difference, just assumed it would be a similar/same plant.



They're all related but there are a lot of different ones.

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