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David 25

Hi I Have a dr ruppel clematis. Some of the flowers are looking a bit shabby now and I am wondering whether I should deadhead them? If I do will I get more flowers?


this is a new flower that looks nice


 this is say the middle value



and this is the old shabby one.




Orchid Lady

I think you do, but could do with knowing for certain too.  I'm sure I read somewhere that if you remove dad flowers mine will carry on flowering all summer......but knowing me it could have been a totally different plant 

I'm sure an expert will be along soon....although it's sunny so they will all be busy bees in the garden 

Orchid Lady

Very pretty colour by the way 


I do. But then mine have the second flush of flowers.

Hi David...I am new to clematis and have some growing in the garden...I think I will be deadheading them when the flowers are spent....don't know if this is the right thing to do.....

 there area very interesting gardening clips on you tube about gardening...I saw one about looking after petunias the other day and it was very interesting...maybe there will be some on looking after clematis....



Dr Ruppel is a group 2 so yes, dead heading will definitely promote new flowers later in summer.  Once this first flush finishes you can also remove any weak stems or very old ones by cutting them at the base and then leaving them to wilt a week or so before pulling them out gently without damaging the rest. 

Give it a feed of slow release clematis food and also a liquid tonic of rose or toamto feed and it should do you proud. 



David 25
This is my clematis's second year so I cut it right back in spring. All the flowers so far have come from this year's growth. I have noticed though the plant has suddenly started growing upwards again rapidly. Does that mean this is the beginning stage for the second bloom?

Group 2s should not be cut back hard in spring, just trimmed of dead wood and then  deadheaded after their first flush of flowers ends in June.   The new shoots it has made will quite possibly flower later this year or they may decide they need to ripen and flower next May/June.

Next spring, just cut back the stems enough to remove dead growth back to the highest pair of buds.   Feed it as above and tie in stems as they grow.

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