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My delphiniums have been battered by the recent bad weather and I want to cut down the flower spikes on the worst affected. Do I cut them right to the ground or just below where the flower starts?

I also want to do the same with the lupins (I'm not that bothered about letting them produce seed) Is it the same process?

I pressume I leave the foiliage to die down naturally on both plants????

Many thanks Anna


Just remove the flowering stems on both-they quite often flower again the same year-the tatty dying foliage can be removed in the autumn

Mine need cutting too, all the flowers are gone and the foiliage is in a very bad state....drooping and slug eaten, should I cut it right down to ground level or not so severe. The pods have turned brown, can I take seeds from these??


Loz- if you can hear the seeds rattling in the pods then yes-if not leave them on a bit longer-cut the plant back to healthy material-you may get a second flush


Slugs and snails have mullered my lupins - should I take the worst affected leaves off or leave them?  there's nothing but veins on many of them



Alina W

You can take the worst leaves off if you want to, they're not doing any good.

On both plants cut the flowered stems down to the ground - you should get a second, smaller flush of flowers - but leave the leaves to die down naturally.

I dig up my lupins when flowering is over and then take basal cuttings if I can't easily split them. Usually though I can split them and pot them up. Lupins do look terrible when flowering is finished thanks to emerging snails. I plant tender salvias, dahlias, echinaceas etc in their place

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