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Delphinium Pacific Hybrids

I have a garden that is on the north side of the house in Derbyshire and in winter it does not have any sun light. We managed to get two of the delphiniums grown last year and kept in pots over the winter in the greenhouse to flower, can I dig them up in autumn put them back into pots in the greenhouse until next year. It did save them from the snails and slugs early this year.   

Hiya dressmaker

You can take basal cuttings now.  I'm doing some myself.  Look at your plants and trace a stem to the base, then go bit deeper and cut or gently pull off the shoot.  It should have roots or semblance of them.  Cut all top growth and pot on.  Water well and leave In a sheltered position out of direct sun.  Plants should grow in few weeks. ,pot on again as needed.

You can dig up your plants and pot up to overwinter.  Do both actions to ensure plants for next year

Hi Verdun

Thanks for the tips will have a go at both ways.

Oakley Witch

oohhh. Thats handy about the base cuttings 

Today has def been a school day for me 

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