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Bunny ...
Anyone had success in pots ? I have never done seeds but plants have always been in my gardens ...until I came here to slugville, huge black monsters , little ones, medium ones . I have never seen so many in one place. I tried delphinium plants when I first began my garden ...they were gone the following day So thinking something else for a pot, on the deck .

The little watsits get in pots as well, they leap up in hanging baskets too!

I grew all my delphs from seed, but I used nematodes and that kept them off.

Bunny ...
I have a great image of leaping slugs to baskets
Oakley Witch

I sowed delphinium seeds last October and they have come on great in pots.

 I use old copper pipe which I have cut into 1" sections which I place on the compost in the pot. Plant the seed in the centre of the hoop and grow as normal. When you transplant, allow the copper to stay on the young plant. It can be left there for years. Slugs and snails get an electric charge from the copper and they back off. As long as the copper ring/hoop is about 2 inches across, the plant will be fine and not choked, and it can establish really well before the slugs can get too it. I have used this with my Delphiniums for years and have crackin plants every year 

Bunny ...
Oh great tip thanks Sam . I'm sure OH will have some pipe to lend over to my garden efforts .


Oakley Witch

It works brilliant. I have them round the top of my hosta pots as well as all my veg seeds and they didnt much a leaf. First year I have had hostas fully intact 

The copper tape is so expensive and I found the old piping in a skip. Im all for cheap, Your flowers and veg can be a 'Slug Free Domain'

Delighted to hear you can grow delphiniums in pots,as I have got some free seed and as my soil is poor and sandy,I'm thinking about hiding the pots amongst the border. My question is, how many plants per pot? I've got some really big plastic ones.
Oakley Witch

I would advise that they would be one per pot. Not sure about them staying in pots though Hoc...I have only ever brought them on in pots the planted out 

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