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Evening all


i have some purple sensation allium. Some that are half purple half green and some hiacynth bulbs.


my question is, how deep can I plant them. I would like to leave them in but worry I may dislodge or dig up when putting bedding in. 

hollie hock

I tend to go with at least twice the size of the bulbs. I have planted crocus/grape hyacinths deeper than that and they always seem to find there way through.

I think with the larger bulbs the deeper the better as I regualary disturb a lot of the smaller ones, I just chuck those ones back in

Hiya red dahlia

Well I plant them probably 4" deep....purple sensation that is.  However, I usually pot them up instead.  So. I put a 1" layer of mpc then 3 bulbs then top up to top of 1 litre pot. When they shoot in the spring I plant them out exactly where I want them to be.

I plant the potted alliums deeper than the pot height


I put my purple sensations in about 5-6 inches deep - they come up each year, but get a bit smaller each time, so i plant a few more every year to top up.

Do I need to put grit in the planting holes as my soil is quite heavy. 


Red dahlia, yes on heavy soil a good layer of grit to stand the bulb on is a good sensible thing to do.

Multi purpose compost  James 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Chicky , there must be a way to feed alliums to keep them big. Not sure what it is but someone will advise.

Perhaps if you feed as they emerge, they will put on lots of growth which will then feed the bulb as it dies down later. 

Monty D's always seem to grow and be a show I hope mine don't die off. Just waiting for the dahlias to need lifting, will then set the allium and hyacinth .

Interesting woody.  What about sulphate of ammonia or dried blood in spring?  Used to experiment with fertilisers way back.  tried to get huge rhubarb I recall.  Generous high nitrogen feeds in early spring and then a balanced one in late spring.   Could grow huge lettuces this way    Now totally organic and more into low fertiliser feeds

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have quite a lot of roses and rose feed is not cheap!!  At a recent hortisoc talk by Stewart Pocock ( of Pococks roses fame) who is local to me, I asked for his advice on how to feed a lot of roses economically. He said he sells 25kg. sacks which in the long term must be good value. I will be putting some on my alliums as well as my roses, and other favs. as well.


Good thought Woody - maybe will try with liquid seaweed when i do the rest of my bulbs next year.



My problem with Purple Sensation isn't keeping them big. It's keeping them.

A christophii stays and multiplies as do various others. Purple Sensation never

Nut, I think I have to agree with you.  Many lily bulbs get smaller each year too.  Last year I potted some regale lilies in acid compost because there is an idea that this will produce bigger bulbs.  This summer I will know if this works.

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