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I have been given 3 dianthus plants and told they were known as Pink Kisses.  The plants seem to be developing well  - the stems are about 10cm and just showing small buds but there are also flower heads appearing just above the soil - should these be removed or just left ?


I wish I knew the answer al but I'm sure an experienced gardener will be along soon 

Apologies for my ignorance - bumped up ?


It means Pauline has commented al,in order to push it toward the top of the pile and more likely get an answer.


Hi again al,ok I'm going to attempt to answer your question.Dianthus,of which Pinks,Carnations and Sweet Williams are members...are a sun-loving plant that prefer a well drained soil and a neutral to slightly alkaline soil. Ok I think I got that right so far lol. As for your question,I would leave the heads just above the soil but dead-head the plant so as to promote new blooms 

PS - Youtube has some great vids on gardening 


Thanks for the info

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