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I planted 150 or so Dianthus in 30 pots at start of Summer. After they had finished flowering I cut them back. They have now begun to develop new foliage & some plants are showing new bud development & signs of re-flowering.

I am a novice where plants are concerned. I thought Dianthus were annuals & where thrown away after they had finished flowering?

Do Dianthus flower every year?

Can I overwinter these plants? If so; How do I do that? I do not have a greenhouse but a relatively frost-free car-port.

If overwintering; Do I water plants throughout winter?




Hi Billy

That must have been quite a display over the summer!

I'm not a dianthus expert, but have quite a few different varieties in the garden.
They seem to re-appear every year, but tend to get quite straggly after a couple of years.

When they get straggly, take cuttings (very easy) and you'll have fresh plants for the next few years.

I wouldn't water over the winter months unless they get bone-dry. They prefer very well-drained soil and prolonged wet roots will rot them.
As far as I know they're very hardy plants and don't need to be frost-free over winter.
I leave my rooted cuttings in a corner of the patio over winter and plant out the following spring.

Good luck!


Hiya Billy

Can you  post a picture because dianthus is a big family of plants....some annuals so,e perennials.  A picture will help.

Do you have the labels?  can tell you for sure then what's best to do

Pete8 - Thank you for all the advice.

Verdun - Sorry I wouldn't know how to post a picture I'm hopeless with computers. Anyway I don't think it would help. Plants mostly just green foliage. Bought from B&Q so no specific variety just labeled `Dianthus`.

Thanks for replying anyway.


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