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Hi I made the silly mistake of putting a dicentra in a pot (in my defence, it was for a shady spot, so from that perspective it was a reasonable choice ). But of course it's now died back and the pot looks empty.

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to overplant something in the pot, e.g. cyclamen or something else which will be gone again by the time the dicentra re-emerges? Or would people suggest moving the dicentra into the border and putting something more sensible (i.e. evergreen) in the pot?

Alina W

Put the dicentra in the border - it won't do well in the pot for very long, as their roots do spread. They're not difficult to control.

Meantime, you could add some small bulbs to your pot for the spring - snowdrops, for example, will cope with shade.

Dicentra in the border if you can the catsmother. Be careful with those long brittle roots 



I'd agree - I wouldn't regard it as a pot specimen. Find a nice spot for it and plant the pot up with bulbs for spring as Alina says. 

My dicentra has trebled in size since it was newly planted in a border in spring. It likes the conditions it has!

Well I think that's a consensus The dicentra will move! And I can get another plant for the pot

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