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Deanos Diggin It

I am one very lucky guy, I was awarded one of these little guys FOC from work!

have researched, but very conflicting views! 

Some say ericaceous, some say not, some say it grows roots, others say it doesn't! 

It is going in a Japenese themed water garden, well that is the aim! But has to be in a pot, as the garden is a two sets of decking split by a coi pond with a bridge connecting the two! 

Thinking ericaceeous, mulched with bark chippings, in a pot 3 inch wider pot than trunk! 

Any thoughts guys!

I really wanna give it a good start in life! Saying that, it is four foot high n six inch thick! This is not a baby! 



Where you see them growing best are those moist shady woodland gardens in the South west. Never tried to grow one, wouldn't want to be responsible for the inevitable death, (dry east anglia)

Deanos Diggin It

Nut! Have wanted one for years! But has you say, to outlay that sort of money on one plant! I just wouldn't! 


Written down your measurements Dean

Will see what I can find out


Have a look at these, Dean

They all say more or less the same things, so I think you can go by what they say.

Good luck with your tree fern and enjoy!




Deanos Diggin It

Cheers Matty!  Your a star!  Hope you have a really enjoyable day! 

Thanks for that Sue! Reading all in anticipation! 

Deanos Diggin It

"It is alive"  



Once again, cheers Matty! Your a star! 

Deanos Diggin It

Can never understand this site! 

You'll have to stand on your heads! 

Deanos Diggin It

Yeah! Fidgetbones! They do grow down under! 

My excuse! Sticking to it! Cheers! 

I don't have it here but planted it for a friend and look after it.  Planted some 5 years or more ago.

Doesnt need acid soil....neutral is ok too.  Damp and partial shade but avoid open sunny aspect.  Down here it doesn't need protection.  Lovely thing.  It's prob about 6' talk now

I had one in a pot for about 3 years the pot was little wider than the fern. I used to take it into an unheated greenhouse in the winter but forgot to water it so bye bye tree fern. It seemed quite tough up until then. I read somewhere once that they are a bit tender until they get past about 18 inches high but best to protect the crown, I used a piece of polystyrene with the fronds folded over on top. Wonderful to see the new fronds emerging. The original plant was quite small only about 6 inches tall and was about 18 inches to 2 feet when it died. I still have the trunk, or whatever the proper name is.

I too live in dry East Anglia but have a dampish shady side to the garden which is where it lived.



Deanos Diggin It

Update on the "Stump" 


"Doing fine, on cloud nine!" 

 Now need to get this back yard sorted! A few days off! 



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