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Good afternoon to all

After bying my first ever Gardening Magazine I was inspired to buy some flowers so I've bought two Helenium 'Sahin's Early' plants from a internet garden centure.


Never again as the plants look very poorly with sun damage from watering in the hot afternoon sun. So after a day or two of looking at the poor plants with there brown burnt leaves I decided to keep them what do I have to lose well I potted them in to a bigger pot as the only arrived in a small 5 cm square pot. Yes they are also pot bound.

so I mixed some general purpose compost and some blood,fish and bone meal to the mix.


Have I done the right thing ??


also the reason I've posted is I also bought the Dierama 'Cosmos' all I can say is it was inpulse buying as I don't have a pond or marshy soil in fact I have the hardest dryish clay you would hope to never have/own.


anyway I would like to keep this plant and grow it in a pot if thats possible if it's possible what would you suggest I do about soil/compost 


green reader of Garderners world 

O'and I've bought a 12 month subscription to GW great read 




re the poorly ones James. Don't over feed the sick, let them recover slowly. 

I don't think Dierama needs marshy soil it looks nice by ponds but is grown on dry land


Thank you Nutcutlet for the quick sugestions

so would you just pot up in general purpose compost ??



That's what I'd do and water but don't over water because they can't cope with that and drown

Hiya folks

Re the heleniums, I would not feed too much.  In such a small pot and the roots so restrained I would loosen the roots, teasing out as much as possible, and then put into bigger pot.  Then WATER.  Water well.  Water again.  Keep in shade for week or so.  This sounds horrible but if you have any flowers cut them off and all old stems.  They will flower next year.  Possibly they will flower in September this year but keep watered but not drenched after your initial soakings.

Re dierama.  They don't need marshy or boggy ground at all.  Just as Nut says, they LOOK good by pools, etc., but need good soil.  In my experience they do need extra water when initiating flowers.....viz.  In early June.....and up to and including flowering time.  I have Guineveire, a superb white.  If this is going into a pot I would use John innes number 3 with a little dried manure added.


With the dierama, I have them growing in probably the hottest bed I have! They didn't flower the first year, so I was contemplating moving them somewhere cooler, but then the plant produced a flowering stem last year, and about six this year! I do wonder if they were in a shadier spot the flowers might last a little longer?


OK I have put the Heleniums in a bigger pot and then placed them in a larger patio pot and also added some bedding plants along side them just so I can see if the enverioment it ok the pot is in a shaded part of the garden. The area i've placed them only gets the sun for around 4 to 5 hours ie they are in the shade from around 10.00 am.



I have read some where that moved Dierama are quite fussy and may not flower for the first two or three years until.



I'll not move them now they have flowered Most stems were a pale lilac but one was a burgundy colour, lovely!

ok james..dont forget, heleniums love and NEED water.  that amount of light is fine

dierama can sulk after a move but if you move in autumn with big root ball they will be fine.  good soil and moisture from spring

jenniferann, yes they are absolutely superb in flower.  intend to go for black purple in autumn too

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