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I have 3 dieramas, none have ever flowered, but after the winter 2 are not looking very happy.

One is D. 'Balckbird' and the other in a different part of garden is D. 'Igneum'

Balckbird has never done well, but i was hoping Igneum would do well this year, however both have dried, goldy leaves and are showing little fresh green growth. What do they need?

The third, left to its own devices, seems Ok (D. 'Erectum') 

All advice welcome, thanks

Hiya matty

I grow a lovely white Dierama called Guinevere.  It took about 3 years before it flowered.

Last year it flowered beautifully.  I kept it moderately watered during the summer and fed it with my fav fish blood n bone.  I think dieramas dont like to be crowded either.

Not a lot you can do except feed at moment ... Maybe bit of warm sun will improve it.  Here it's hardy but I think it's a robust plant anyway

Hope this helps


Thanks, they are all in full sun, the only one that is doing OK is the one with plants near it but still not over crowded.

I know from previous conversations with you that they take ages to flower, it's the lack of leaf that is concerning me. Will give them some F,B,B tomorrow though.

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