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Hi everyone,

I am new here, and new to flower gardening. I've been reading loads of your great advice already! Can anyone help me with the following?

I bought some Dierama Blackbird plants which arrived last month and have grown to about 8-10" tall in their pots. Should I overwinter them in a cold GH/cold frame in their pots, or can I put them out into their final beds now? Likewise, the same with some agapanthus Bridal Bouquet; can they go into the border now or are they best left in their pots til spring? Thanks all

Welcome Order in the border.  

I would plant in the spring.  So overwinter both in GH.  I always hold back before putting indoors......I think the plants get too soft if moved inside too soon.  Best if they get slightly chilled or winter battered first I think and then protected.

Dieramas are fantastic focal points.  I have Guinevere ..a white flowered variety... planted so it reflects in a little pool I have.  Love it.  


Agree with Verdun. Agapanthus are a little tender and would be best kept on the dry side in a cold greenhouse until spring.

Dierama are slightly annoying in that in summer they definetely like to be kept moist but winter wet does not suit them [ or me ] so best to establish in the border in spring.

I too have treated myself to Agapanthus'peter pan' and 2 dierama. I'm overwintering them in the cool greenhouse but at the present they are in a shaded, sheltered spot in the garden.

Wow, thanks everyone for coming back to me so quickly! Seems like a unanimous decision to wait til Spring for both plants. Helpful advice for a total beginner, thank you



Agapanthus Bridal Bouquet is white flowering (as the name suggests) and the leaves get damaged in frost. I had them in a cold greenhouse and the late frosts in spring zapped a lot of the leaves putting the plants back by months this year, so I would say a frost free greenhouse rather than cold, if possible. Otherwise if a hard frost is forecast I suggest bringing them indoors/garage till the hard frosts stop.


My agapanthus arrived the size of grass leaves early spring this year... got twice as many as an 'apology' as it were, from the supplier.  Around 70 of them!  Potted them on and grew very slowly over the summer to 'bluebell size' leaves I would say - just!

So I'm not messing about with them any more and out into the garden they have gone.  They will just have to take their chances... but I'm here in West Cornwall so they 'should' be OK from all but the hardest winter.


Morning dannyson

Another Cornishman   Our numbers are increasing


Only recently moved here so not a 'real' cornishman :-}

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