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Sara 4

As my front lawn (which is a non event anyway) now looks extremely poorly due to this lovely weather, I was wondering whether a clump forming blue grass (I like the look of festuca glauca, but have only seen photos) would look good with wild flowers, herbs and naturalised bulbs.  I have in my mind's eye a tussocky meadow, but reality often fails to live up to my imagination!  I know nothing about grasses, but I know there are some experts on here - what do you think might work?

Um, not sure about that Sara. Festuca glauca is a tussocky grass but after its first year deteriorates in quality.  It's also very much an "individual" plant so not convinced it mixes with wild flowers etc.

Maybe a chamomile lawn or a thyme lawn?  Or simply sow wild flower mixture if the soil is not too rich


Sara 4

I knew you'd give me some information - you were the grass expert I was thinking of!  I have been remarkably unsuccessful with thyme in the past but I was interested in the herb lawn idea that was one of the threads on here.  I'm trying to find a way of linking the formal (ish) bed at the front of the house, via the now lawn to the potential pond and bog garden, which is why I was hoping for something hummocky.  The best grass I have in the whole garden is under the bird table, but I was hoping to be able to get somewhere towards a wild flower meadow without it just looking like I couldn't be bothered to mow ....

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