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I bought  a large Illumination pink late last last summer and carefully planted it in a carefully chosen spot but it failed to survive the winter. Just next door to it an orchid flowered foxglove not only survived but is still flowering in mid July.  I have just sourced another Illumination and I notice that it says on the label that it  will survive a few degrees of frost but may need some protection in severe weather. Am I just unlucky or has anyone else had a winter casualty...and what would be the best way of protecting it I wonder....does it really need a cloche Hertfordshire??



I bought two plants last year from a reputable garden centre. They were not cheap. They bloomed well through 2014 but, as at June 2015, they have totally disappeared.

Others far cheaper survived the winter well and are now blooming. As I live in the South East and it was not a harsh winter, I am very disappointed.

I think that these new foxgloves have not turned out to be has hardy as T&M thought they would be,Mine grew and flowered well,but i seem to have lost it now,so if i get another I will mulch and pamper it through the winter,obviously this is not necessary with the standard bi annual foxglove,


It could have been predicted that crossing a digitalis with a tender plant would affect its hardiness.

I predicted it. 


I just got 3 little foxgloves ( can't remember name despite knowing they were the ones I Rose? ) from a charity plant sale, no idea if they' lol flower this or next year but hoping they' lol self seed excuse this annoying iPad!!!

I've grown some white ones from seed and are now quite nice plants about 6inches I've got them in 3inch pots, was going to plant them out in the garden tomorrow. 

After reading above threads should I rethink and hold them in pots over winter ?They have taken months to get to this stage and I would hate to lose them. BUT do they need to be in the garden to get established. Also grown verbascum White Bride and they are at the same stage . ?


If you've grown foxgloves plant them out primrose.

These Illumination Pink are not really foxgloves, they been crossed with something else, Isoplexis, which is tender. 

Proper foxgloves, Digitalis purpurea (including the white ones) are 100% hardy.

A lot of hype about new there is about everything new.  Illumimation pink is not a true perennial by any means.  Currently I have white foxgloves flowering in my garden and I love em but they will be gone when summer is over.  Nothing wrong with traditional biennial foxgloves


Thanks Nut  that's tomorrow first job sorted . Do snails like them ? I know they are toxic  so would this put them off. Have you grown verbascum are they easy all my seeds germinated and I 've got about two dozen in pots.


Verbascums are easy, they have a caterpillar to eat them, Mullein moth caterpillar, but I haven't seen any of those this year yet

Slugs and snails like most things but I've never noticed them attacking foxgloves


I like proper biennial foxgloves as well Verdun and you can rely on them to come round again by seed, unlike the hybrids 

Remembered! Sugar plum, please don't tell me these are sterile?!was hoping to get lots of seed!


I've got 3 illumination pink, I suppose I'll just have to see how they go.


I got one last year - it failed to survive a pretty mild winter. I was intending to overwinter it in the greenhouse but forgot!

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