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Jist taken delivery of the new foxglove....digitalis illumination pink. Plants look good healthy and raring to grow so they were potted on with great enthusiasm. Hope the plants are as good as their hype.....I.e. Chelsea's plant of the show last year. Anyone growing this?

I have not grown this type of foxglove but did see it on Chelsea Flower Show, really pretty. I grow standard pink ones grow well in my garden look great. Looked pink/ orange colour think.  Like to watch Chelsea Flower Show. See all the plants in flower. 

Do you grow other foxgloves in your garden?


I have it ordered and was going to give it to a friend who loves foxgloves. Unfortunately I had a letter saying delivery potponed until spring. Looking forward to it, just hope it's not too temperamental

My friend will have to have it for Easter insread!


I saw this on the Chelsea Flower Show too, very pleasing to the eyes.


I have it on order too delivery April 2013, I grow the standard pink and have sown seeds of white which seem to be growing quite string and healthy but these are beauftiful and more on the exotic side, thanks Verdun I've learnt something new today I hadn't realised when I ordered that the parentage is the isoplexis canarian foxglove (which is has a beautfully exotic feel) and that the plants are sterile so wont set seed .


Asilvert, I think their sterility.....or lack of the reason they are perennial and I agree that they are more exotic due to crossed parentage. Gardengirl I have tried to grow foxgloves but all are one season wonders despite claims made that they won't be. My neighbour grows them from seed every year and he offers me some occasionally. Wild foxgloves abound in Cornwall though in the hedgerows, towans etc. my Illumination Pink were quite cheap, are quite large and supplied early so I hope they will give me something special next summer

Some of the foxgloves seed them selves around after they have flowered so I do end up with may be one comming up the next year sometimes more plants but do grow them from seed to make more plants, bees really like them

Lavender Lady

I have the illumination pink, I bought it as a plant last summer and it flowered non stop from July til the first frost arrived.  Lovely plant, the bees loved it.  Keeping my fingers crossed it survives the winter but my garden is pretty sheltered. I would recommend it.

Lavender lady, glad to know its lovely plant. The blurb suggests 3 feet. Is that about right? Helps me when I decide where to plant it.
Lavender Lady

Yes I would say about 3 feet, I have mine planted at the front of a small border with roses and other taller foxgloves behind it.  I have enclosed a pic for you to see






I read about these when they were first shown; would love to hear how they are doing in their second year.

Lavender lady, thanks for the gives me a good idea now where to put it. Looks lovely. Artjak, I have a few plants entering their second year so I will know more during the summer but I also have plants well into their third and fourth years that are doing very well. We are the guinea pigs for these new plants...

I don't really do pink; do they come in a more salmon shade?


They look really pretty, thanks for photo I was going to give one to a friend and keep one in a pot on my courtyard/patio, should add just the right amont of colour. Can't wait for it to come


artjak, I sowed an apricot one this summer and have strong healthy seedling which should flower next year. I got the seeds from Thompson and Morgan. Below a link to them with all the foxgloves they provide (lots of colours):



Thompson and Morgan state that the illumination series are completely sterile, hence the long flowering season as the plants don't have to set seed. So I am puzzled as to how you sowed seed I have just ordered the plugs for April in a lovely pale orange/salmon; very expensive but I am sure worth it

Artjak, they look salmony to me too. I think Swiss sue meant she sowed seeds of ordinary foxglove. My plants came ...indirectly....from T&M. They were cheaper too. When I realised T&M were the suppliers I was expecting tiny plants but they were quite large and healthy. It will be interesting to compare Artjak when you get your plugs. I guess my plants were 4" high from top of the jiffy pot and strong root systems.

Actually I bought the seeds online from T&M, it's called Apricot:

 I've bought quite a lot of seeds from them this year, including several heritage tomatoes that I'm really looking forward to growing next year, just hope they all come up (touch wood).


Swiss Sue; those are soooo pretty.

Verdun; I expect to get these little plants in April, so will keep you posted (the sterile foxglove diaries?)

Yes, Artjak, the saga continues...............