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hi, I have a lovely grass in the garden, I do not know what type of grass it is. height is 1.5 m tall, however a large part of it is dry and dead, should i dig up and divide, if so when.

I am new to gardening!!


traditionally grasses are split and replanted when the growing season starts. Have you a pic so we can identify your grass? Some will put up with whatever you do, whenever you do it but some won't


Yes, early Spring is the ideal time, they begin to make new roots then.

Hiya goldfinch. Whatever grass you have should not be divided, cut back or disturbed at this time of the year. Dont remove dead grass either right now. As others have said, do this when spring is well and truly underway and warm and growth is obvious. Can you describe your grass? When did it flower......early summer or late summer? What colour flowers? Often grasses are bit taller in their second year too so 1.5 metres only suggests your grass is reasonably tall. Next summer post a picture so we can identify it, ok? Beware! Grasses are addictive.

Thanks all for your advice, I dont have a picture but  i think it is a type of miscanthus grass, if that helps.


Ok, miscanthus tough n easy. They are warm season grasses meaning they start growth early in spring. As said earlier, wait til you see growth and cut back all old stems and gently pull out dead stuff at base. When it flowers you should be able to identify the variety

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