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I'm thinking of planting Aster "Monch" but can anybody tell me if the roots "run".

I "inherited" a quite tall aster/Michaelmas Daisy when we moved in but it was an absolute thug and popped up all over the border  so I don't want that to happen again.


I've had some of those thugs. Monch isn't like that. 


Monch is superb in every way.  No, doesnt run.  Doesn't get mildew.  Flowers for weeks and weeks.  No problems whatsoever


mine's dead Verdun. Don't think it could take the prolonged cold and wet.

I have clumps of asters in the garden and some have greyish stuff on the leaves which I assume is mildew. Do I need to take much action?



it won't kill them but it spoils the look of them Mowmymoss (like the name). there are plenty of asters that don't get it . 

Hiya mowmymoss

Yes, I too like the name.  Most asters are susceptible to mildew so best to read upon those that do t get it.  Monch is definitely fine.  I used to grow some large clumps of asters but the mildew ruined them. Better plants to grow

You can spray with need to re-apply after rain....but it's a pain.  Try to keep soil moist amd you have a better chance of avoiding mildew.  Dryness at the roots is the main cause of mildew.

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