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The potty gardener

I know for most of you this is probably a silly question but do I need to deadhead Begonias I have in hanging baskets? Also what about Fuchsias?

Thank you all I find the forum so informatative and entertaining



Just snip off the dead flowers on both-there are never silly questions btw

Bev, there are no silly questions in gardening, the flower head is the seed box for the plant and when it sets seed it gives up, job done. We nip the head off to keep it up to speed doing its job for us producing more flowers.
The answer is keep nipping the dead flowers off and the plant will keep doing its stuff.
I suppose to young gardeners us elderly know Al's do come across as a bit comical, the thing is even at my age well past retirement we are still learning from each other, we all have our own methods so at times it can sound a bit like a world war as we argue it out, we are harmless though.


But when dead heading fuschias do you pull just the flower off, do you pull the pod off aswell or go straight to the base of the stalk

With Fuschias, I dead head by removing both the finished flower and the pod behind.



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