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or just to the extent of any other shrub/ tree?


Cheers Dove.   Something wrong with site at the mo - will try later.


Oh pooh!  It worked earlier ... I know that Daniel's aware of another broken link which is being sorted - I've alerted him to this one in the hope it can be fixed at the same time

Not aware of yews depleting the soil supernoodle.I grow quite a lot of yew varieties and I grow perennials close to them and they are thriving.

no,,my opinion is the root systems are not as extemsive as leylandii etc. or even privet. Neither do leaves contamimate soil as pines do.

what variety in particular supernoodle?



No idea re variety. It's a very mature yew that was here when I bought the house.  I'd like to take the front back a way to widen an access but having peered through the branches I can see that this would leave me with, in effect, a pollarded tree trunk (someone has chopped the head off previously). This would lose some privacy so would need to plant something next to it - hence wondering what state the soil might be in.



Pps I've since realised that yew is a conifer so my question doesn't make sense.  But you seem to have worked out what I meant!

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