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Gaura Rosyjane -  I divided mine last autumn.  Both looking a bit straggly - would they benefit from being cut back, I wonder?  Not grown gaura before.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I didn't have much luck with Gauras a few years ago. Seems to be more like an annual in my garden, and I don't bother with it any more. Shame as they are useful to grow among and through other perrenials. In your situation sounds as if you will lose nothing by hitting them hard and asking them to try again.


i must admit i normally chelsea chop.. but not this year.. nothing is big enough

my sedums are only 4inchs high at mo and worried if i chop they will not recover in time wiht the lack of sunshine we have had over last few months.

so everything has been left.. my wallflowers have not even flowered yet for me to harvest and so the seeds for next year.. everything is so far behind.. worse than last year and that  was bad enough **sighs**


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