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I ordered two Golden Elm (Ulmus Wredei) a couple of weeks ago as i want something to grow against the fence at the back of my garden to help hide the house that overlooks us.Anyway,i saw this photo and thought they looked just the job.

 They arrived this morning.Now i know they'd come as small saplings so wasn't expecting great things but i have to say,i'm slightly disappointed at what came.

 At £30 for two ... 

Do you think they'll ever get to look like the first photo? To be honest,ive bought better plants at Morrisons but unfortunately,they didn't have Golden Elm.


And yes ,they did arrive on their side but they're upright now,unlike the photo 

Alina W

Yes, they will. Small plants do much better than large ones once planted out, in fact. Plant them out, feed them well, and they'll reward you.


Yes, they will grow on, but as with all trees, they will take time.  You cannot pack and send mature trees by post, though there ae companies that specilise in this at a cost.  Your saplings look healthy enough, plant them, feed and water them, and then let nature do the rest - she will, as long as you give her time and supplies to do so. 

Our apple trees looked like that many years  ago when they came, and fruited regularly and well ever since - enjoy. 


Thanks for that.I have to say i was a bit worried as one just looks like a stick with a little green shoot at the top and not much growth at the root.You can't prune them apparently so i wondered about side growth...  It's looking better now i've repotted and watered it.It had a few little white grubs that looked like woodlouse larvae?? so the birds had them and now it's sitting resting until planting out time.

I think half the fun is watching your plants grow Bookertoo.Couldn't afford mature trees even if i wanted!




Err...can you describe the larvae? I'm just a bit concerned with your comment of little root growth, they might be vine weevil larvae.


Yes, I too would be more concerned about the larvae than the smallness of the saplings - can you as Klink suggests, take a picture of those?  If you have disposed of them, then look up vine weavil larvae on a search engine and see if that is what they looked like??  If so, your supplier can take your plants away and give you new ones with no additions!!  They may be something quite harmless, but you need to make sure. 


 Yes it was two of these!!! I've never seen them before! Only one sapling had them.Is it doomed? 



Just mailed the supplier.I'll wait to see what they say.

I'm really grateful for your help.I'd have just planted them out !

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Golden elm are not fast growers.

I think £15.00 each sound a very good price.


That is Scarab beetle grub.i think you must really search in the roots of those trees in case there are any more.


Scarab beetle?? I feel a right numpty not knowing what a vine weevil looked like but Scarab beetles...? It's getting worse! I've not bought any plants online before and i don't think i ever will again!

Funny how the more you find out,the less you know...


Just thought i'd update this post.

As suggested i wrote to the plant suppliers who apologised and sent two more plants.I was told to destroy the first two as they had vine weevils attacking the roots..

Unfortunately the plants they sent are awful.The leaves are brown and crisp at the edges and thats the ones that survived the journey,others are snapped off.

I'm putting it down to an unlucky buy,my first online plant shopping but also my last.I'd expected better from The Mail garden shop 

 Oh well...


That's really hard luck Klink. I hope you've informed the company right away and included close ups of the poor quality. Best request a total refund I'd say and go to a reputable nursery or GC if you can. It's very disappointing when this happens as many suppliers are good. You could also try some of the hedging specialists as they stock plenty of varieties which are not just for hedging material.

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Ask for your money back.

Then go to a good nursery.

Check size/quality/health/cost before you buy.

Most will offer a years guarantee.



Unfortunately i've thrown out the box they came in so i couldn't send them back now.I'm disappointed as they were £15 each but,lesson learned.

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The company will probably not ask for them to be sent back.



From the encouragement i've had from you on here it's given me confidence to complain again so i've just sent a mail about the replacement trees being all but dead.

Fingers crossed!

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At very worst they can only say no.

You have nothing to lose.

Keep us posted.


Klink- hang in there! After the problem with the first batch they should have made doubly sure you were satisfied. They should really have offered you a choice of refund or replace and you've probably been fobbed off with the dregs. Send pix to them and go for it!!! 

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