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Hi Guys! Been a while! I've got a pretty major issue...I bought tonnes of Dahlia's this year (well, about 20) and kept them in my 'Plant Room' - which is essentially the spare bedroom. I potted them up in late February and they started growing in late march. They've all Ben growing really well, but I've been working 7 days a week lately and neglected them...and I visited the plant room today to find they've all snapped... Question: Will they grow back? I've had to remove all of the snapped foliage, but there's literally nothing left on a few of them. Question: I've now put them outside, but will they be alright with getting partial sun? The spot is south-easy facing, so by 2-2:30 they will start to be in the shade. It's my first year with Dahlias, so I'm a complete novice, but can see why they're so addictive!

Hello Ryan.  Nice to hear from ??ou again 

Well. You have no choice but to out them outside now.  

A clean cut back is important and hopefully they will grow....there's still time for that.  I think your site is fine......full sun will be too much for them right now.  I would be inclined to cover those with no shoots with fleece.......helps ward off any stray slugs if nothing else.


Hi Ryan, haven't got a clue but thought I'd say hello


Hopefully the Dahlias have more 'eyes' to send up shoots from. If the main stem snapped, I would have thought this would stimulate the new ones


This Dahlia as been popping up for three years now, it survived winter too

 Sorry about the sideway picture 


Verd + Matt - Thankyou muchly for the help....that is my first job when I get home from college tomorrow (I may sneak out a little early ) . Can I cut them back below the soil level, or will this rot the tuber? 

Also, what kind of support would you suggest for them? I'm going to Gardeners world live on Sunday and they always have a really good selection at really cheap prices! 

Flumpy - That's amazing! Survived all these wet cold winters...What cultivar is it? 


That doesnt look like a Dahlia flumpy

Looks like a Japanese Anemone to me.

Ryan, if there are still leaves on the stems that snapped then cut the stem back to an inch above those, you may get some side shoots coming from them


Sorry Ryan I'm not sure, I bought a variety from wilkinson, all I know is it has a perfect round pink flower (like a ball), I'm having a go at Begonia mix this year too, they are just popping there heads above the soil, I will send pictures when they flower 


Matt I will send you a photo of my Dahlia when it flowers 


cool The leaves just look a bit weird :P


Victoria Sponge

I think Matt is correct Flumpy- it looks like a Japanese Anemone - soz

Well I wasn't going to say anything...but  


Ok i'm out voted 


I'd rather have a japanese anemone than an dahlia any day



Me too - love them 


I'd rather have both. Which I do already!

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