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 A number of years ago I recieved a small basket with flowering rose bushes for mothers day.Later that year I decided to pot them on to see if they would survive.I was surprised at the number of separate roots in the small basket but potted them on individually.The following year I noticed the roses which flowered first were different to what comes on the bushes later, and that they were green and a different shape.I overwintered them for the first couple of years in my unheated greenhouse.I continued to pot them on each year in bigger pots and leave some outside overwinter and some in the greenhouse.I have never been able to identify this rose.The first flush comes out green and stays green until it dies.Some green ones on one of the bushes has a fleck of pink. The second flush of flowers are pink and some come from the same stem as the green rose.This happens every year.Does anyone know why it flowers this way?  

flowering rose

it looks a little like Iceberg,sometimes it has that tinge of green but it nearly always has that  bit of pink before going all white and has a lovely perfume.

Oh I will look that one up, but the green ones do not change colour.They are not white with a green tinge,they are a definite green and stay that colour until they die.Unfortunately I was late in taking the photographs,they were really past their best, but I only just came across this site and thought it was a chance to see if anyone knew what they were.Next year I will take them earlier showing what the different bushes produce.These are 4 different bushes. Photo 2 shows both roses growing on the same bush, yet completely different colours and shape.They do have a nice rose scent. 


welcome. My mum has grown iceberg for years but it doesn't look like yours. Sorry no picture.

Yes thank you,I did look iceberg up.I looked at a lot of different photographs of it but could not find any that looked anything like my green roses.It is a completely different rose to mine.I had to wait until my Granddaughter was home from University because I did not know how to put the photographs on, she put them on for me.I watched Monty take cuttings of roses a year or so ago.My husband tried it with our other roses and we had great success and flowering roses on the stalks this year.I am now trying to think if it is the right time and I might try to take a couple of stalks from these bushes and see if and what those stalks produce. 




I had a good look on Google at green roses, and the only ones that I can find seem to be available from florists.  I know that this probably doesn't help with your identification, but maybe you could try in your local florist and see if they can help?  In the meantime, I would like to say that I think it is very pretty

Good luck

Beautiful Rose very unusual you may have just propogated a brand new variety good luck with it

Thank You Panda,It is unusual in its different form on each bush.Rosetta it would be nice if it is a brand new type.Silverfairy Thank you and I did look on that page at the four green roses there, but I still could not say it was the same as either of those.Plus mine has a scent and I think it states they do not.I went into the garden to smell the dying roses on the bushes to see if I could define the smell a bit more but they are too far gone now to give the scent.Dovefromabove, I may just try that web address you have given because I am in no way a rose expert, just someone who continually pots on because I hate to see a plant die and will give it every chance,I have had some interesting results with other seeds I propagated through the years of other plants.But this may take someone who knows roses to get to the bottom of what it is.It would be interesting to know what their thoughts were on it.  

Update: No further forward.Dovefromabove I did email the link you sent but no reply from them..I will have to look at what to do next..probably try the internet to see if anyone has information on how to proceed...Thank you for your posts and any others will be welcome..


What a shame hope you get there in the end


The founder of Classic Roses died in February of this year and his daughter, who was a director of the company died last month - it may well be that the company are not able to answer email enquiries at the moment.

Perhaps the RHS might have someone who knows? 

Oh not good, such sadness for the family,and they will probably have a lot to deal with..A little rose will be of no importance at such times..I may try puting in the RHS and see what comes up. Thank you for that Dovefromabove..

Could it be Greensleeves?



I hope it is John. Hopefully someone will know.

Yes I hv a similar type rose in my collection each flower first comes green like yours then turn pink and finally white..


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