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fiona flox

Was interrupted by trying to upload photo and failing.  Sorry.  This plant is very like a dandelion but taller with thin grass-like leaves emanating from its stem.  The flower is like a "neat" dandelion and the seedhead is just beautiful.  Huge and very dainty.  Any ideas of its name and whether it is a wild plant?


A photo is going to make id 100% easier

fiona flox

This is the photo - successfully downloaded. 


fiona flox

Thank you Joe, but I don't think so.  I have just been out and managed to take this photo of the flower itself.  They are nearly 'over' now, so that may help.  Kate, as you can see the flower is yellow and a little like a dandelion, certainly the seedheads are like massive dandelion seedheads and spread in a similar fashion.


Looks like Goatsbeard??????????


Possibly similar, but check out Scorzonera. Same family as Goatsbeard.

Still think it's Goatsbeard - I'll try to find time to say why later, but as a first check the leaves of Scorzonera are a lot more elliptical than those of Goatsbeard. Also if this plant is 50-100cm tall it's Goatsbeard. Goatsbeard usually closes at mid-day - hence another name 'Jack-go-to-bed -at-noon'.

chilli lover

Joe - that was a wicked guess without a photo! I'm constantly amazed how much knowlege so many of you have.

fiona flox

Thank you everyone, especially Joe and Kate, as you are both so right.  Checked the identification photo and that is exactly it - Goatsbeard.  Obviously a wild plant, but very interesting, so I will keep it so long as it doesn't take over!


It,s gonna take over

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