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Does anyone know the name of this tree please?

Can anyone name this tree growning in my garden? It has red fury/fluffy cone like growning from it. Thank you

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Tina, give it to someone you really DON'T like.  It's not a plant to give to your son.....unless you want revenge for,some reason?

The risk with this plant is the industry below don't see it working away until you have a problem

I agree this is thus or stag horn tree lots and lots of suckers appearing everywhere.Babs


Verdun, you know I'm a numpty where knowing about plants/trees are concerned, but I've always found that the rooting system is very shallow, even if it spreads a bit.  I've had two that have just fallen down when the ground has been really sodden and there's high winds.  Dug one up that was growing in the lawn and it wasn't a case of getting through to Australia. I've honestly never found it/them to be a problem. Now, if we want to discuss Sycamore trees, that's a different matter.

My son will love the tree because his Mummy has given it to him.


Vernon, thanks, this is the thread I wanted your opinion on.


Huh, favouritism Kef.

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