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Does anyone know the name of this tree please?

Can anyone name this tree growning in my garden? It has red fury/fluffy cone like growning from it. Thank you

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Looks like a Sumac tree.



Rhus typhinus   also called the staghorn sumac.  It has a tendency to sucker and spread.

Alianthis (tree of heaven) maybe
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Agree with fidgetbones.

It is definitely a Rhus

Probably Rhus typhina.

 The " red fury/fluffy cone" like growning from it.... are the flowers.,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.47534661,d.d2k&fp=b7359ef1ce0a50f5&biw=1422&bih=647


i agree defo rhus they do like to spread a bit pretty tree though 


I love these and am looking for one for my garden. Definitely a Rhus  

Great thank you for all your answers. NickyB I can try and grow one for you and send it to you, i think the seeds are in the red flowery cone things.


Jayne, easier to propagate it from the suckers which will appear around the base. You can pot them up and pass them on.


Hi Jayne... that would be amazing... I would happily pay the postage for one


You can keep it smallish by spading around it's circumference, go down a good spade depth, and remove suckers. I keep mine about 5' high and watch it religiously.

hi, i cleared all round the base acouple of weeks ago but If any come up I will do that and nicky I will let you know what works best and let you know how its going and when to send you one. thanks again everyone

caution....this plant is a nuisance.  will spread and pop up anywhere in your garden.  I know cases where its become a nightmare for their victimes,,,,er owners.

pruning makes the situation much worse.  the roots descend deeply and pop up many metres away when they decide to surface again.  the spade treatment encourages this in my experience


Oops Verdun, I'll keep my eye on mine, last thing I want is an invasive monster. 


Jayne 1.  I have taken Vernon's advice and removed the plant. It was about four feet high, and even though I liked it a lot I'm glad we dug it out. Suckers well below surface and spread about 5 feet. It has given off a sticky glue when handled that hubby has had to use harsh agent to get off his hands. Sorry for my ill advice.

I have saved one sucker that I will keep in a pot. If it tries to escape it's curtains.

I was given it by someone who had a small shrub in her front garden, I'm thinking it was growning in builder's rubble etc. so remained small.

Sorry once again for duff info.

Thank you Vernon. Never too old to learn even tho' I'm only 27 like everyone else  


Hi Kef my tree is about 12ft and ive been here for about 3 years and its easy to just clear the base and i will just cut any off if i see any growning around the garden lol.

Will this tree strangle roots of other trees?



I'm tempted to say no, but I think we'd better see what others who know more about trees say.

Don't think there needs be any concern about this plant "strangling" roots of other trees.  It just pops up whenever and wherever it an invited party guest!

Jayne, if it were my garden I would definitely take out it.  Pruning merely energises it to sucker and spread.  It will pop up from the remaining roots but just spray with super strength glyphosate.  When it's gone plant something better

KEF, was this the thread ??ou asked me to read?


Well, as you know, I never feel comfortable offering info on gardening stuff, but I have one of these which originated from my ex next-door neighbour and, yes, it does pop up all over the place, but it's not a problem to get rid of suckers, or whatever you call them. Got a lovely one growing at the moment which I am going to pot up for my son.  Daughter already has one which is huge, but looks really great where she has it in her garden. 

gardenning granny

another word of caution - I had a beautiful one growing innbetween mine and my neighbours open plan front gardens.  When the suckers came up through his tarmacked drive he asked me to pay the cost of relaying his drive.  It is beautiful, especially when the leaves colour in autumn.....but not worth the cost incurred by irate neighbours.