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The mauve plant grows to about 4 ft high.  The pink plant is quite low growing but very invasive.  Does anyone have any ideas what either of them are please?




The pink one looks like fumitory

Thank you,   Have just looked it up in book and says a weed of cultivated land not good seeing as its all over my garden


I'm not v. good at this, but could the top one be a Veronica?


I think that purple is one of the linarias from the shape of the individual flowers.

I should think the second is fumitory if it's all over the garden though at firstglance I thought it was one of the corydalis, taliensis or one of those, nearly as invasive



Nut, do you think the leaves are linaria?


I'll just go and look artjak


yes. But mine isn't L. purpurea. i don't know what it is. The packet said L. dalmatica but that's yellow. It's tall and comes in purple, pink and a sprt of beigy colour


i thought the blue flowers look like speedwell, but speedwells are veronicas and I can't find a tall one like that.

Yes, it really is tall, easily 4ft maybe more.  I'm 5ft 3 and it reaches my neck. It reproduces through the roots producing offshoots.  Does that help at all?

The pink one is a small dicentra(bleeding heart).a side on photo would be more conclusive.the leaves look similar to a Welsh poppy,which I nearly mistake it for in my garden.I like it.does well in dappled shade

On closer inspection,I think you are right fidgetbones.

I will be first to get a plant id right one day 

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