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does anyone know what this is please?

i have brought this back from my travels but can't remember when or where from. i found it in my suitcase and thought i'd grow it?? the seed was around 1.5cm in diameter, it was round and flat being a light brown colour.

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if it helps, the leaves fold in half and close on the evening??

Alina W

Is it a climber, bush or trailer?


Some sort of melon perhaps-when you say you found it in your suitcase where had you been?

it could have been from cyprus, maldives or florida. i'm really not sure!! i remember having it in my case for the last few years and then finally thought i'd grow it. all i know is what i've put and that the leaves fold down the middle and fully close every evening. the other thing is that it's a very strong/stiff sappling. the plant is at the moment only an inch tall. i've tried googling the picture to no avail. I keep trying to rack my brain of when i put it in my case.


the seed was larger than a penny and around the same thickness too 

 not a great picture, but this is it at night


It looks like Amicia zygomeris- Chrisopher Lloyd liked them apparently

That's great thank you! That certainly looks like it. I can now sleep at at night.
Almost anyway!!!!! I piked up a couple of seeds in Cyprus that were black with a with (sleep mask) shape on and they are growing in the same pot. Any clues? I'll post a picture

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