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Does anyone know what this plant is?

I posted a rather bad photo before, this plant is biennial, self seeds freely, leaves have a slight pungent smell, mid green and shiny, height approx 3ft, branches and spread 2ft, loved by bees but we do not know what it is. The seeds originated from NCPP

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Looks very much like Borage to me although it is a long time since I saw any so could be well wrong.



Looks like some kind of larkspur to me.  There are several hundred varieties in the delphinium family, so hard to pin it down unless someone is growing the same one I would think.


Definitely not borage, but I don't recognise it 

Bob it is not consolida (larkspur) the flowers on that form a mass up the stem, the ones in the picture are individual stem flowers.
I looked up Borago officinalis (Borage) out of curiosity and it not that either.
The leaf is a bit like Anchusa, they grow to 12 inches well some species do.
I know I have none.




Not like any anchusa leaves I've ever seen - they're usually bristly 


The flowers look very similar to the Vetch family of plants!


The flowers look a bit like some of the wild orchids. Not at all sure from your photo. Have you got a nature reserve near you? You could take a bit to them and see if anyone knows what it is?


Just a guess: Baptisia or an upright Linaria?

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