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26/03/2012 at 02:19

Does anyone know who sells or where to buy the Primula ‘Perth Sunset’  it is a Hybrid Cowslip Primrose that seems to have vanished... It be great to get my hands on one, thanks.

11/04/2012 at 03:58

oh, have vanished?

Also we want to have a look at the picture, so can be sure what it looks like...


12/04/2012 at 02:23

Hi Amy, the following site has a photo...

12/04/2012 at 02:35

Hi Amy, the following site has a photo...

I found those selling seeds like the following but not the plants itself as primula seeds are tricky to germinate when dried but I have the seed but the plant be better.

But it is an impossible plant to find. did do it in 2010 but no longer

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