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I fell in love with this dahlia today at East Ruston - does anyone recognise it please?


 Isnt it absolutely gorgeous?


Twinings after eight. maybe.


Hmm, similar but the petals of the unknown are slimmer, and a lot of them have a sort of a twist, as if it were a Catherine Wheel - incredibly elegant about dark foliage.

No, not twynings.

Dove, contact the national collection at Penzance with a photo. ,

Star Child, perhaps. Has the same darker centre.

North Star is also similar, but the centre is lighter.



I think you're right Rusflorum  It looks most like Star Child - I've googled and it looks more like it in some photos than others, but that's the way of photos of course.  All of them have the slim slightly twisted petals and dark stems - on all the sites I've found it's described as great for cutting, and it was planted in the Cutting Garden at East Ruston - I think it's wonderful and I have to have one 

Thank you all 

Hey Dove.

Ive ordered star child from national dahlia collection .....not far from me.  They will be rooted cuttings in March/April.  I ordered 2 so if you would like one of those I can send it to you.  They are expected to flower next summer

No probs if you don't want it. you, I was tempted by it too. 


 Thank you so much Verdun - what a star you are!!!

I shall keep it on the kitchen windowsill until the frosts are over and it will go in the new front border that I'm going to get ready this winter . 

I shall have to make you lots and lots of cakes 

Ha ha.  So I will get it in March or April and then post it to you.  Will pm you at the time Dove.  



Revisiting this - Star Child overwintered in it's pot in my garage - this morning I've taken it out of the pot and repotted it in fresh compost and a bigger pot - it's made some lovely large firm plump tubers.

I've also bought 3 Honka-type dahlia tubers to grow in pots  to keep it company and provide flowers for cutting


Love the Honka series, very different flowers from most Dahlias. They had a lovely collection at the Garden House in Devon, when I visited a few years ago.

Yellow honka is delightful.  Currently in 2  5 litre pots (divided last autumn) and pushing up lots of new shoots.



I've put mine straight into some of the pots I usually use for tomatoes - I'm determined not to grow quite so many tomatoes this year so I'm filling the pots up with other things - and they're in a sheltered spot on the terrace

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