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Hi everyone

As we all know, stolen cuttings are often the most successful and this one is great - but I can't find it in my RHS Encyclopedia. Can you help please?



Its Leycesteria aka Himalayan honeysuckle. Will produce lots of babies too now you've got it.

Wild about Flowers
One of these grew uninvited in my garden a couple of years back. I almost
dug it out, but now I'm so pleased I didn't, as the bees absolutely love it and
in the autumn the flowers produce small black berries, which the blackbirds
and thrushes love to eat. So it's very versatile as well as being lovely to
look at.

Yup. It certainly self seeds fairly freely!! Luckily the seedlings are easy to distinguish and easy to pull out. Great plant as a border filler. Grows quickly. Unique foliage and habit and interesting flowers that bees seem to love. 

Yes Leycesteria formosa, also called pheasant berry, does look really good as the flowers come out and everyone's right it does self seed, hope you've got plenty of people to give little plants to ....


flowering rose

i have that in the garden as addict says thats the name.i grew it from seed and cut it back in spring and have lovely shrimp like flowers and thee black berries.

this plant appeared in y garden a couple of years ago its lovely its stalk are bamboo like when you cut them i know it as pheasent berry i matched it to a plant in a book i have


Thanks everyone! No wonder I couldn't find it in my encyclopedia - it was listed but not pictured. I love this forum, it's so helpful!

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