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happycottontail. mine are looking much better after the rain.. it is still a mystery as to what it is.. but it doesnt seem to effect the plants at all in my garden.. is just a bit un sightly.



i'm afraid i cant update you on mine as i bought mine as a present for someone so have given it away already (shes 97 and actually i dont think her eyesight would pick up on the white dust so will never know).


I've just noticed that my penstemons have this too.  Has anyone else found any solutions, maybe i should try and go to RHS Wisley flower show and see if someone can help. 

Sounds like a good enough excuse to go, don't you think 


I have some newly flowering penstemons, I now have 3 different plants with the same white deposit plus we have had a lot of rain and it hasn't washed away.  If you can raise the question at Wisley that would be fab!  

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