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Happy Flower
Hi, I have a blue chip buddleia in a pot which I bought a few months ago. Should I prune it now? If so how? I know buddleia davidii respond to hard pruning now, but how should I treat this minature variety? Thanks in advance. BH
Prune as usual in the spring when first growth comes through, to about 6 inches from soil.
Dead head flowers regularly so to promote second flush of flowers.
I was tempted by Blue Chip but I've bought so many new plants these past months that i decided not to. It looks very good. This is supposed to be a true miniature buddleia....I think you should wait until you see shoots and then prune to these. I guess your bush isn't very big bleeding heart. Will be interested in knowing how this plant does in the summer so can you keep,us posted?
Happy Flower
Thanks both for the help. I haven't pruned it at all yet as its reasonably new. It flowered a bit before winter set in but this is its first year looking more like a plant than a twig as it was when I bought it. I'll keep an eye on it and prune when the weather warms up in spring. Of course I'll report back on my progress. Im hoping to bring plenty of butterflies to the garden so fingers crossed!
hollie hock

I have a couple of small buddleias that were given to me last year. I planted out last Autumn and they are already starting to grow, because they are so small I probably wont wont prune them this year, looking forward to seeing the butterflies on them.


Happy Flower
Thanks Holly Hock. Here's hoping our little plants make a big impact.
Good luck.
The potty gardener

I have ordered a small one. I am intending to grow it (blue) in front of a big yellow version I already have. I hope they look as good together as they do in my imagination.

Happy Flower
Sounds like they will look great together. I'd have liked a full sized buddleia but I don't have the room sadly.

Does anyone know how these dwarf buddleias compare with the " buzz " series? I have a dwarf one in a pot but would like a slightly larger one as well.. I don't  have room for the large  Davidiis either.

I have two Blue Chip in large pots, plenty foliage absolutely no flowers at all. In fact they are just now starting to bud, this seems to me rather late.  They have been well fed and looked after. ????



You may well be feeding amd watering too fact I think you are.  Don't look after it too much, then watch it flower

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