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My dog has peed on a salvia and a japanese anenome and both plants have leaves that have started to die. Is there anything I can do to stop them dying completely and perhaps revive them?


Give them a jolly good wash down with the watering can fitted with the rose on. Do it every time you find the dog has performed.

Alina W

And try and train him/her to go in a designated place, away from your plants.

Dog pee will kill bushes, let alone soft plants.

Ernie 2, Wash the Salvia with plenty of  water you could take off the burnt leaves. Japanese Anemone takes some killing, mine crept under the fence from next door grows in the worst possible soil and rubble yet thrives. Some of it wandered and it has taken me years to get rid of it so dog wee should have no effect.



And if the dog urine does kill the Anemone, please let us know so I can borrow a dog so it can kill the this awful thug of a plant, as weed killer has little effect.


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