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I want to try growing a few plants from seeds on my windowsill with the view to planting them in the garden this season. Has anyone got any good suggestions on "fool proof" seeds for flowering plants that germinate fairly quickly?

Cosmos! For sure! So many colours, too.

Most of the hardy annuals with big seeds. Nasturtium, sunflowers, calendula,  One seed per 3 inch pot. Let it grow until the roots fill the pot and then plant out. Don't mollycoddle too much. Once they're up, get them outside against a wall or other sheltered place. Its not too late for sweet peas, two or three seeds to a pot.

Orchid Lady

Sunflowers  I am fairly new to gardening too but have grown sunflowers a few times 



i agree cosmos (seashells) look pretty,  and my stocks and dahlias have germinated quickly in a un-heated green house so on a windowsill should be fine i think 

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