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Anyone growing the new echinaceas? Any wilting problems? I bought several varieties......fatal attraction, tiki torch, sunrise, harvest moon etc,.... And all wilted. I decided to pot up and grow on and last year they wilted again. I cut the, down in mid summer, fed and watered them and they flourished. This year I am doing the same thing,viz., cutting back in mid summer, watering well, etc and they look ready to flower now. Anyone else with issues with echinaceas?
the tidy gardener

not the new ones,ive seen them and they look great!i leave mine to die down on their own,then cut them down,they always come back great the next year.are they in pots or in the ground?


Claire. The new varieties are not so strong...the old ones are different. However, tiki torch is a brilliant orange and about to flower any day now, it was left in the ground last year. Hot Papya is a double red, strong and long flowering and is now in its second year. This one was potted up in greenhouse for winter. Want to try more though
Further to my post about echinaceas. Does anyone grow the new varieties? Tiki torch, fatal attraction, sundown, summer sky etc ? .i have mixed results but they seem to be much better if grown on as large plants for.a season before planting out. They are such fantastic looking plants but whether they are true perennials or not is I am not sure about. So, there must be somebody out there trying them?.??

I'm growing bravado and managed to force 3 plants without using stratification (this is my 1st year of growing ANY plant and I'm not sure if this an old or new variety) But they are doing well in a pot and I am hoping for lovely flowers next year. Can anyone recommend this variety that I am growing?


hiya mattbeer87.  don't know of bravado.  You can grow echinaceas from get loads of plants with different colours.  if you are new to plants  do you know what sort of soil you have, etc.  is it a warm garden, do you get much frost, is it sunny, etc. find out what you have and find out what plants will suit your conditions.     


Well I have a massive list of plants that I have grown this year and I'd say 95% have been very successful. 

My garden is South facing so we get sunlight all day long.


My soil is slightly acidic (so says the PH tester) but all plants seem to thrive in it.

Being near the coast (probably less than 10 miles as the crow flies we don't get a lot of frosts ( We are in Hardiness Zone 9 so it's very rare we get exreme cold temperatures)


Sweet Peas/ Cosmos/ Godetia/ Stocks/ Nasturtium/ Morning Glory are just a few that I have grown Successfully. I'll be a bit more adventurous next year with planning ( They just went anywhere this year )


Bravado is a purple kind by the way 

Hiya mattbeer87 you growing perennials too? I think bravado must be an annual and I'm not too hot on annuals. I'm on the Cornish coast...Less than half mile but my soil is neutral and garden is similarly south facing. Perennials can be very cost effective and they usually provide a sense of structure and framework amongst your annuals

I'm still a bit iffy when it comes to perrenials but I'm getting there, Trying to find stuff that would mix well in with the annuals that I like to grow. I guess trying in pots first is a good thing. Gardening takes years to fully understand so I'm just gonna go with the flow.

Hiya mattbeer87 yes makes sense. You can ring the changes each year but you will latch on to perennials and shrubs,in your,own time. Sounds like you enjoy what you are doing and that's great

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