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Together with lots of bulbs I ordered recently, I also received two Eremurus, an orange and a yellow one. I am wondering if I will have more success of them surviving if I plant them in pots now and keep them in the front porch (where I overwinter all my halfhardy plants, kept at 10°C) until Spring and plant them out then? Would be grateful for any advice/experience (Verdun perhaps?).

I'm in the north-west, and overwintered mine successfully in an unheated greenhouse, so a porch will be fine. Lovely plant though.


I've ordered some Eremurus. I will be putting them in large pots of gritty compost in the greenhouse for the winter, before planting out in Spring.


Thanks Andyplant and fidgebones, I'll have a go in pots first then. Fingers X-d that they survive!

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